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Looking to create real-time, scalable web and mobile applications? Our skilled Node.js developers are ready to bring your vision to life. Harness the power of event-driven, non-blocking I/O model-based solutions that excel on the server side, seamlessly managing multiple connections. Leverage our expertise to craft advanced Node.js applications, seamlessly integrating with databases like MYSQL, SQL, Oracle, and dynamic NoSQL options such as MongoDB and CouchDB. For top-tier Node.js developers for hire, explore our unmatched capabilities.

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We design online platforms that users enjoy and your competition envy. Our NodeJS Developement services have changed 122+ organisations' success stories.Whether you need support on the backend or frontend, our NodeJS expertise will accelerate the launch of MVPs and scalable products.


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Hire NodeJS Developer To Deliver Robust Enterprise Applications


In the age of tech-savvy visitors where accepting a subpar website or web app is not an option, we bring you expert NodeJS development services for high quality project.

We understand the importance of technology and its potential to bring change. It is a potent game changer of your business strategy and marketing endeavors. NodeJS that handles many concurrent events at times like chat or Twitter-like solutions in their runtime environment can stand as a best bet in this fast-moving era.

Our NodeJS developer takes you deep into application architecture, technology best practices and your business needs to blend it with the potential of NodeJS, delivering you a fast and scalable app. Whether you need instant messenger, live audio - video streaming apps, complex single page applications, or real-time app, our NodeJS developers have honed the skills and experience to deliver results. They bring speed in production, efficiency of event-driven JavaScript to back-end functionalities with their NodeJS capabilities.

Our full-fledged standalone server-side application hits the market with outstanding results making CMARIX as an ultimate go-to-choice for back-end NodeJS services. Hire NodeJS developer to navigate today’s tech landscape with your business goals.


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Node JS Serverless framework APP development

Enterprise Backend Development

Rest API Development in NodeJS

Real-time Node JS development for Chat & Data Streaming.

Building Custom Micro-Services

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Custom Dashboard Development

Sequelize ORM framework with Node JS development

Node JS Plugin, Package & API development

Node.Js Migration & Integration

Custom Network Applications

NodeJS Support, Maintenance and Testing Service

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How Hire a NodeJS Developers will Impact Your Business?

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Our NodeJS developers ensure you get enterprise grade performance out of utilizing NodeJS technology as a backend. We also have inhouse team of AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure cloud experts to empower the development with right server infrastructure that is designed to scale.


We provide NodeJS developers on hire model which is a very flexible service. You can add and remove developers as per your business needs which gives you ability to scale when required. There are no fixed overheads or expenses which you would have when hiring inhouse developers.

Ongoing Technical Support

Our commitment for providing a competitive edge is ongoing which means we are leading the game post launch in terms of any bugs fixes, feature addition or next round of development. We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to our customers. Service is more important than sales and we abide by this rule.

Transparent Cost Model

We believe trust is an essential factor to sustain the relationship for long and that can be gained by bringing results. With a transparent cost model we insist to keep the processes and price transparent and client-relationships stronger.

Our NodeJS Talent

Choose CMARIX: Your Node.js Development Partner

Looking to hire Node.js developers? Your search ends here. CMARIX offers you the opportunity to hire dedicated Node.js developers who are part of the top 1% in the industry, meticulously chosen through a rigorous vetting process. Our commitment to excellence shines through with a profound grasp of Node.js development, spanning full-stack JavaScript proficiency, advanced knowledge of NodeJS internals, hands-on database expertise, and API mastery.

When you hire dedicated Node.js developers from CMARIX, you gain access to services and solutions tailored to the dynamic demands of modern users. Expect a remarkable 3x return on investment (ROI) as we infuse innovation and practicality into every project.

Our Node.js developers for hire offer on-demand scalability, ensuring your projects have the flexibility to scale in and out as needed. Rest assured, our 100% on-time delivery commitment, backed by 360-degree coverage, keeps your projects on track and successful.

At CMARIX, our commitment to learning never ends. Our Node.js developers consistently enhance their expertise through top-tier upskilling programs, ensuring that your solutions meet the latest industry standards. With a solid foundation in DevOps, we streamline development and deployment processes seamlessly.

Experience the CMARIX advantage - where hiring Node.js programmers means embracing excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment. Join hands with us to transform your ideas into reality and embark on a journey of Node.js development that's unparalleled in quality and impact.

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Some of FAQs

  • Node.js is widely recognized as the most efficient JavaScript framework for backend development. Its popularity has grown significantly due to its ability to be used for both frontend and backend tasks. Node.js also boasts an extensive repository of ready-to-use packages (NPM) that facilitate faster development.

  • As early adopters of Node.js technology, CMARIX has leveraged its strengths to develop numerous popular apps over the years. Our team of Node.js experts and developers has successfully created a range of Node.js based applications for diverse industries for clients in various regions like Europe, North America, Australia, EMEA and more.

  • The cost of hiring Node.js engineers is significantly influenced by a number of variables, like the experience of the developer, hire duration, number of resources required and so on. We at CMARIX provide flexible employment methods, incredibly competitive rates, and some of the most well-known Node.js development expertise in the business. Our range for mid-level developers is $12 - $14 USD per hour and $15 - $18 USD per hour for senior developers.

  • Yes. Node.js is in high demand. Infact it’s demand has increased ever since React.js became popular starting in 2020. MERN stack which comprises React.js in frontend and Node.js in backend is among the most popular technology stack right now. Companies and businesses are looking to hire Node.js developers and are yet to fulfill those demands.

  • Since Node.js is one of the most popular frameworks, a vast amount of businesses are looking for Node.js developers to execute their business needs. Hiring a dedicated Node.js developer will allow you to take your digital presence to the next level.

    Few of the many areas where Node.js developers add tremendous value are:

    1. API (Application Programming Interface) Development: Node.js APIs are fast, superfast. They are highly recommended for APIs.
    2. Web Servers: Amazing choice for building scalable and performance centric web servers.
    3. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Whenever you want to implement microservice driven SOA architecture - specifically suited for enterprise applications, Node.js is your Goto technology
    4. Single Page Applications (SPA): Node.js goes as preferred backend technology while developing Single Page Applications (SPA) along with Angular in frontend.
    5. Streaming Apps: Any application which requires streaming functionality needs Node.js.
    6. Internet of Things (IoT): Node.js has been a preferred choice for applications related to Internet of Things.
  • Would you like to save money and get high-end service? Of course, the answer is yes to both. Hiring a Node.js development company from India would prove beneficial in many ways including:

    • Cost-efficient. Up-to 60% cost effective compared to its US counterpart.
    • Highly skilled. Access to Top talent in the world
    • High-quality
    • Around-the-clock development capability due to the time zone difference
    • Scalable execution with flexibility to add and remove resources
  • When it comes to choosing a developer of your choice, you need to make sure that you have clearly defined the required technology stack and skill sets required. Thereby, you need to screen the resource pool of developers to ensure your selection goes inline with the requirements. Furthermore, you need to assess the technical expertise and fit to make sure your project matches the developer’s experience. Lastly, look for a cultural fit and communication skills, as working with the developer should be a smooth experience for your team.

  • Yes. Absolutely. We have taken on several projects in legacy technology and outdated frameworks and implemented MERN or MERN stack architecture into it, utilizing the same data and updating the database to latest non-relational options like MongoDB, DynamoDB etc.

    Be rest assured, you just need to make the decision and leave the turnkey execution on us.

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