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We have an experienced team of .Net core developers who can help you create custom applications and websites. Our developers have the skills and knowledge to create innovative web solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.

Our ASP.NET developers are well-versed in the latest technologies and methodologies and have the experience to develop robust and secure applications. Our developers have the ability to easily integrate existing systems with the latest technologies and offer effective solutions for a wide range of projects. With our developers, you can be sure of high-quality, reliable, and secure web applications.

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Hire .Net Core Developers
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Our expertise lies in our capacity to listen, research, and gain a profound understanding of our client’s visions. This, combined with our bold ideas, has resulted in the creation of exceptional software and websites that have become industry benchmarks for quality. With more than 300 websites developed, we continue to set high standards of excellence.


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Unlock Your Business Potential with a Professional .Net Developer

Get SMART Solutions with Expert .NET Developers

As businesses become more competitive, the need to stay ahead of the competition is more important than ever. Hiring an experienced .Net developer can help your business unlock its full potential by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices.

A .Net developer can create custom solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition, increase customer engagement, and drive business success. With the right solutions, you can streamline processes, increase customer satisfaction, and boost efficiency across your organization.

A .Net developer can also help you ensure your website and applications are secure and compliant with the latest data privacy regulations. By working with an experienced .Net developer, you can unlock the full potential of your business and achieve your goals faster.


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Why Hire Developers?

Why Hire .Net Core Developer From CMARIX?

Proactive Security Practices

ASP.Net MVC offers robust security measures to safeguard your bespoke platform. Our 38-point checklist of development best practices ensures your site is secured against threats like authentication (forms and Windows), authorization, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Rely on us to provide proactive security practices for your custom platform.

End-to-End Engineering

We take a holistic approach to engineering, starting with understanding your business needs and why you need a solution. We then craft tailored technical specifications to best meet your needs. Our end-to-end service then seamlessly takes your concept from design to deployment, ensuring you have a reliable and effective solution.

Talent at your fingertips

We take pride in our recruitment, training, and mentoring methods that have enabled us to build a strong team of ASP.Net developers. Take advantage of our development bandwidth and unlock your project's full potential with our expertly trained and mentored professionals.

Source code ownership and IP Protection

We guarantee you complete ownership of the source code and exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) Rights for the work we do. Our experienced developers write clean and lean code that is well-documented, and we have a rigorous three-stage code review process to ensure our coding standards are of the highest quality. Rest assured that your project is in safe and secure hands with us.

Our .Net Core Talent

CMARIX: Hire Certified .NET Core Developers for Your Project

Transformative ASP.NET Core Development Services for Your Business

Unlock the potential of your projects with the expertise of our Microsoft Certified ASP.NET Core developers. At CMARIX, we harbor a team of certified .NET Core developers adept in crafting a wide spectrum of software solutions, including web, cloud, IoT, mobile, and desktop applications.

Enrich your development journey and hire ASP.NET Core programmers from India, renowned for their prowess in conceiving, developing, and deploying top-notch .NET solutions across diverse industrial sectors.

As a vanguard ASP.NET Core development company, we catalyze digital transformations for businesses of all sizes through results-driven services. Our extensive experience resonates in creating lightweight, high-performance ASP.NET Core web solutions that elevate user experiences to unprecedented levels. Leverage our custom ASP.NET development prowess to augment your business capabilities.

Hire ASP .NET core developers that are well-versed in the complete lifecycle of .NET framework components, encompassing ASP.NET, MVC, MySQL, and C#. From gathering requirements to delivering comprehensive functional specifications, from design and development to deployment, troubleshooting, debugging, and ongoing support, our team ensures a smooth project journey.

Outsource your .NET Core development to CMARIX and harness unwavering resources that unlock the best solutions for your business ventures. Renowned for its robustness and scalability, .NET Core serves as the foundation for our adeptly crafted websites, software, and web applications.

At CMARIX, we're committed to constructing data-driven web applications using cutting-edge technologies like .NET Core, MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework Core. Our tailored .NET solutions are designed to steer businesses towards their strategic goals with exceptional efficiency, all at a competitive price point. Hire .NET core developers to boast a rich portfolio of global projects, positioning us as your ideal partner in success.

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Some of FAQs

  • The cost of hiring a .NET core developer through CMARIX depends on the number of resources you are hiring, experience level and the hire duration. We offer flexible hiring models to meet the specific needs of our clients. Hourly pricing of mid-level .NET core developers is $12 to $14 USD and that of senior level developers is $15 to $18 USD. When you hire a .NET core developer from CMARIX, we also provide a SCRUM master without any additional charges to ensure agile implementation.

  • At CMARIX, we have Microsoft certified .NET Core developers that provide a dedicated hire service. We do a lot of work for Insurance, Banking, Finance, Logistic and Fintech business domains whereby several compliance and industry best practices are required.

    Our Security best practices includes:

    • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) best practices implementation
    • Encryption of Data
    • PCI-DSS Compliance
    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Secure Session Management
    • Instant updation of Security Patches
    • Advanced Database Security measures
    • Optimum Server Security implementation
  • .Net Core is a great initiative from Microsoft to reach out to a wider user base by making it open source and cross platform in nature. Since it’s open source, the server and licensing costing is reduced considerably. Applications built on .NET core can run seamlessly on Linux, macOS and Windows environments.

  • We have multiple hiring engagement options for businesses of all sizes to match their project requirements. We offer:

    • Time & Material: Developers are provided on an hourly basis with options to choose different packages.
    • Dedicated Hire: Developers are provided with a bi-weekly/monthly option to work dedicatedly for your team.
    • Project Based: You define your project requirements by discussing details with our business analyst team and we provide you with a fixed price option for the entire project.

    You can select any of these models that cater to your needs and for large and complex projects we can customize a plan for you.

  • You can search for freelancer options on a large number of websites or find an expert software development firm to source you with expertise unmatched by others like CMARIX. Simply submit your project requirements to get started.

  • To find a dedicated .NET developers team, contact professional firms like CMARIX to assist you with their pre-vetted and industry-tested in-house team of .NET experts. Just let us know a few details about your project, and let us make a curated team suited to your requirements, pick out the developers you deem fit, and conduct interviews to assess your skill set and onboard.

  • SignalR is a popular open source library widely used in real-time application development along with .Net Core. We have used it into several projects which include key functionality like real time stock updates, live chat, instant notifications, edu-tech products with multi-user collaboration and much more. It is also widely used while implementing the latest technologies like Blockchain and IoT.

  • At CMARIX we put special emphasis on writing clean and lean code. We have three level of core review process to ensure code is optimized at various levels. Some of the things we ensure while implementing clean .NET core programming are:

    • Ensuring Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) implementation
    • Code commenting and indentation
    • Implementing SOLID principles (Single Responsibility, Open/Closed, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation, Dependency Inversion)
    • Design Patterns
    • Ongoing code optimization
    • Meaningful Error handling

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