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CMARIX developed a global Clinical Trial Management Platform that streamlines the Product trial processes and enables Hospitals to create Survey and Data Evaluation report according to the product. Using this web solution Stryker assesses processes in all identified critical areas, determined compliance with existing benchmarks, and provided useable guidance for improved compliance and efficiency of products.

  • Technologies

    Zend Framework 2.5

  • Built for

    Web & iOS Mobile

  • Industry


  • Country

    United States

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  • SAML SSO(Single Sign-On) Login Integration
  • User Profile Management
  • Email Template Customization
  • Product Assets Management
  • jQuery Mask Plugin Customization
  • Standard Survey Process Management
  • Trial Checklist Management
  • Case History Management
  • User Notes Management
  • Evaluation Data Management
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Tech Specs

Development Environment:

  • PHP 5.6.8
  • Zend Framework 2.5
  • Xcode 7.3


  • MySQL 5.6.24
  • Coredata

Third Party Library & Plugin:

  • SAML SSO Login
  • DOMPDF Generator
  • QTip Plugin
  • Masked input Js
  • Chart Library

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