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Are you struggling to find skilled developers for your project? Look no further! Hire dedicated developers that provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to your development needs.

Hire dedicated development team in India, to leverage the expertise and experience of top talent at a fraction of the cost. Not only will you have access to a vast pool of skilled professionals, but you can also benefit from a dedicated team that is solely focused on your project's success.

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Hire Dedicated Developers
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Hire Dedicated Developers for your Project



Definitely product development can't be left behind schedule while you are occupied finding the developers with the required talents. With CMARIX you can hire dedicated developers an hourly, full-time, or part-time basis with different skills for entrepreneurs looking to develop a full-stack web or mobile app project. We set up remote dedicated development teams who easily cope with evolving needs and fast deliveries. By hiring dedicated developers with our flexible hiring models you get complete command over your project plan and progress while making the product release quick - and turning off the back burner.


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Our Hiring Dedicated Developers Models

We deploy top-notch agile teams who define and enable your vision on-demand.

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Maintenance service

  • No Charges for Project Manager
  • Daily Reporting & Code Push
  • Version Control Implementation
  • Direct Communication
  • Project Management Tools
  • SCRUM Based Execution

Share your "want list". We'll get it done from there.

Really, we mean it. Jot down the complete details you want to include in your project. Tech-savvy CMARIANs are here to share the expertise you required yesterday and deliver outstanding results. So hire dedicated developer to start with.

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Hire Dedicated Developers

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Our Core Services

Research & Strategy

At CMARIX, we recognize that the cornerstone of every successful software development project is strong research. Our dedicated offshore developers are skilled at doing in-depth research and providing turnkey execution strategy to guarantee the success of your project.

UI/UX Design

Beautiful User Interface Interface is something which brings users to the application. Polished User experience is what makes them keep using the digital product again and again. UI/UX Design is the differential element between success and failure of any digital product. CMARIX has best in class UI/UX Designers with experience of delivering polished UI/UX for digital products across 40 different business domains.

Enterprise Development

Hire a dedicated development team that is well-equipped to manage enterprise-level development problems for complicated and large-scale projects. Whether you need a comprehensive business application or a unique software solution, we have what it takes to produce excellent outcomes.


No product is worth using prior to rigorous testing. Testing forms the foundation of trustworthy software development. Hire a dedicated development team that employs a systematic and exhaustive testing strategy to pinpoint problems and address them, ensuring the delivery of a faultless final product.

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Why Hire Developers?

Top Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers From CMARIX

High-Quality Talent Team

At CMARIX, we are extremely proud of the extraordinary abilities and knowledge of our dedicated developers. Our developers stay current with the most recent market trends and best practices, ensuring that your project takes advantage of cutting-edge tools and ideas.


By choosing our focused developers, you forgo the costs of internal hiring, training, and infrastructure setup. Additionally, you may increase the workforce as necessary thanks to our adaptable hiring models, which provide maximum cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality.

More Attention On Business

By allowing our skilled developers to handle the technical execution of your project, you can give your main line of business all of your attention. Manage critical business activities, increasing productivity and efficiency, while we take care of the process.

Agile & Adaptive Development

Agile approaches are used by the committed developers at CMARIX, allowing us to quickly respond to shifting market demands and technological advancements. Throughout the development lifecycle, our iterative development process makes sure that your project is flexible and sensitive to changing business needs.

Absolute Project Control

When you hire professional developers from CMARIX, you retain total control over the development and complete transparency in execution. As a seamless extension of your team, our dedicated developers follow your project specifications, communication preferences, and development processes.

Long-term Partnerships

CMARIX strives to cultivate lasting relationships with its clients. We place a high priority on client satisfaction and go above and beyond to make sure the solutions meet expectations. We are committed to providing top-notch service and ongoing assistance to our clients.

Power Your Industry

Domain Expertise

Know Us

We Are The Rare Agile Team With Triple Power Threat

We are a close-knit team of innovators and problem solvers. We ensure world-class products are delivered with the implementation of strategy, technology and design. With our triple power - extreme capability, flexibility to work with, and dedication to our work, we have made some great stories for Fortune 500 brands and few startups. Do you want us to inundate the world with your cool idea?

Meet Our Team
Enterprise Software Development

Who We Are & What We Do

We are Collaborative

We work as your extended team and bring out the best in our development, design and marketing services. We understand your requirement, discuss various queries and mutually make the best out of it.

We are Indispensable

We believe the actual problem resides behind the problem itself. The forte in technology helps to solve the challenges in the project and make us win.

We Unleash the Genius.

We unleash the unconventional aspects of your project with our expertise. We love those hidden aspects and let it shine.

What We Do
What We Do

We Don't Stop Designing.

Design and development certainly influence each other. Our expertise blurs the lines between them so the project can thrive in each of the phases together.

We Diminish Risk Early.

Our prior attention is given to the most challenging aspects of the project - from research to implementation, while providing you the belief that we will gain objectives in productive time.

We iterate quickly

We deliver you the working versions of your concepts and designing at pace, so you can share the feedback early and enable us to work on project improvements as per the need.

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Technology Stack

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Some of FAQs

  • Hire Dedicated Developer service amounts to 70% of overall CMARIX business. This is our core expertise area. In other words almost 70% of total team size is on dedicated hire for our clients. We have several USPs in regards to this service like we provide Technical Project Manager without any additional charges, SCRUM driven execution, 180 hours of hire service over 4 weeks as well as direct communication, daily code release and version control management.

    Hire dedicated developer service from CMARIX is widely used by agencies across the globe as well as on projects where work needs to be done on an existing system or medium to enterprise project which requires turnkey execution, multiple phases of development and regular development.

  • Hiring any resources (Developer, Designer, QA, Project Manager, Business Analyst etc) comes with several unique benefits. Primarily this resource will be working exclusively for you i.e. dedicated hire and no additional clients/ projects. This brings lots of productivity boost in terms of the quality of development and quality of work done since there is no “switching overhead” associated with the execution.

    Same resource can be utilized to work on different areas of the project as well as work on multiple projects based on the priorities and business needs. You can think of the hired developer as your own offshore employee with a CMARIX assurance of getting optimum ROI in terms of the overall productivity and quality of the work done. Furthermore, this is a very flexible model whereby you can easily add or remove resources based on your business needs.

  • It's a very simple & straightforward process. Just fill in the inquiry form & our team will schedule meeting with you. Thereby we will:

    1. Understand the Project / Resource requirements
    2. Provide you Profiles / CVs with exact match in terms of the needs
    3. Schedule introduction call with the resource + Project Management
    4. Setup the operations in terms of Project Management & Version control
    5. Conclude paper work in terms of agreement & invoicing
    6. Schedule kickoff call & get started
  • Exact pricing of hiring dedicated developer(s) depends on technology, experience level, number of resources & contract duration. To give more idea on the pricing, hourly pricing of Sr. Developer (5+ years of core experience) on web technologies ranges from $15 USD to $18 USD per hour and that for mobile technologies ranges from $18 USD to $20 USD per hour on full time monthly hire contract, working 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, providing 180 hours/ 4 weeks hire cycle.

    On top of this, there are no additional charges for Project Manager / SCRUM Master which is a huge plus in this execution. Furthermore, we don't charge anything extra for overtime and other benefits which we provide to our team.

  • We provide native App developers on hire i.e Swift developers for iOS & Kotlin developers for Android. We also provide cross platform app developers on hire for technologies like Flutter, React Native, Ionic and others. Monthly hire rates for Sr. App developers (someone with 5+ years of experience) is $18 USD to $20 USD per hour depending on the technology, experience level, contract duration and number of resources hired.

  • You should consider hiring dedicated developers for your project when you want:

    • Complete control over the execution
    • Work needs to be done in an existing system
    • There are ongoing changes in the requirements
    • Projects having tight deadlines that need to be met
    • Expertise related to specific technology or domain
    • Short-term/specific projects that require concentrated expertise
    • Cost-effective execution (compared to fixed cost project, executing same project on hire basis model (which is time based) is always cost effective)
    • Scale your project
    • Source code access is required on daily basis (on fixed cost project, source code is deployed after complete project is completed)
  • CMARIX will provide you with no obligation consultation and provide detailed specification documents. This document will include complete scope of work in terms of the features and functionalities, product architecture, technology stack, supported OS, browsers, resolutions and much more. Once this document is approved by the client, CMARIX will provide a detailed execution plan in terms of the number of resources required and the duration of hire which will be led by SCRUM master.

    Most startups love this approach since it's flexible, cost effective, transparent and gives them complete control over the execution.

  • You can hire developers for startups by following these simple steps:

    • Schedule meeting with CMARIX
    • Define which technology expertise is required
    • Determine how many resources are required (Frontend/ Backend/ Database)
    • Receive profile from CMARIX & schedule an interview
    • Get Agreement in process & conclude paperwork
    • Schedule Kickoff meeting & get started

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