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Top 9 Flutter App Development Companies of 2024 – A Detailed Guide

Top 9 Flutter App Development Companies of 2024 – A Detailed Guide

The popular and top-notch open-source software development kit Flutter is typically used to create high-fidelity applications. This is why large corporations, SMEs, and startups prefer to use Flutter these days.

Flutter is used to create high-quality applications like Alibaba, Google Ads, Google Greentea, and more.

According to Statista, Flutter is used by 46% of software developers. Several industry verticals, including healthcare, retail, eCommerce, and others, advise using the best Flutter app development company in India for Flutter development services due to the rising demand for these services.

The next query is: What is the best way to locate a Flutter app development company in India?

You may incorporate important company factors or parameters to help you identify and select the best firm, the one that best suits your needs and expectations as a business.

Let’s continue reading to find out which important criteria might assist you in selecting the best development firm.

What is the Criteria for Selecting the Best Flutter App Development Company

Three key considerations must be taken into account to identify the top Flutter app development company:

  • Dart programming language expertise: Since Dart is the main programming language used by Flutter, it’s important to pick a business with experienced Dart engineers. Seek out businesses who have proficiency with Dart and have a solid history of dealing with it.
  • Working knowledge of the Flutter framework: A reputable Flutter app development business should possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the Flutter framework. Verify that they have a firm grasp of Flutter’s features and best practices by looking through their portfolio, which contains samples of prior Flutter apps they have created.
  • Proficiency in cross-platform application development: Flutter is renowned for its capacity to create cross-platform applications that function flawlessly on both iOS and Android gadgets. Selecting a business that specializes in cross-platform app development and knows how to optimize apps for various platforms while preserving a consistent user experience is therefore crucial.

The Flutter app development business you choose is qualified to fulfill your project’s needs and produce excellent outcomes by giving these three factors top priority. Let’s now check the list of the top Flutter app development companies.

Top Flutter App Development Companies



One of the top providers of technology outsourcing is CMARIX. With more than 228+ in-house specialists, CMARIX serves clients in 46 different countries and has developed more than 380+ mobile and 890+ Flutter for web app development for various business sectors.

The talented developers are working to provide you with the best Flutter application development services possible, from creating beautiful native interfaces to releasing your business app idea flawlessly.

CMARIX utilizes technology to its fullest extent and gives our clients the greatest results. Their Flutter app development is supported by experts who strive to provide industry-best techniques. As a top Flutter app development firm, we assist you in using Flutter app development to get the greatest outcomes in terms of consumer engagement and brand visibility.

They offer Flutter application development services for Android and iOS, as well as cross-platform application development, UI/UX design, and app migration to Flutter.

Core Expertise: Why CMARIX?

CMARIX assists you with developing Flutter applications, which have an incredibly intuitive and feature-rich user experience.

Being the top Flutter app development company in the USA and India, they produce applications that are on par with native ones in terms of functionality.

Key Benefits of Choosing CMARIX

For digital corporate and startup solutions, CMARIX offers business strategies that are prepared for the future. They make use of design and development know-how that keeps up with user demands.

  • CMARIX has a proven track record of leading numerous businesses to success and is skilled at integrating cutting-edge technologies with commercial settings to mold an organization’s digital presence.
  • Its comprehensive solutions include front-end and back-end development, enterprise solutions, mobile and web app development, SaaS solutions, MVP Development, business intelligence, and many more.
  • CMARIX has expertise in on-demand solutions for food delivery, OTT platforms, and travel app development.
  • CMRIX offers end-to-end development services and post-development services include support and maintenance. They have skilled digital marketing minds to kick your project towards the right platform and target audience.
  • They have a powerful team of consultants who are ready to give you insights as per your business needs.
  • Developers are highly skilled and experienced with good knowledge of the latest trends and tech stack.

2. HireMobileDevelopers


HireMobileDevelopers(HMD) is well known for providing top-notch Flutter app development services. It creates visually beautiful apps with easy upkeep and fluid animations. HMD aims to exceed our client’s expectations by working together in consultations to understand their unique requirements and provide customized, superior mobile digital solutions.

Key Expertise: Why HireMobileDevelopers?

Using HMD opens up amazing business opportunities with our premium mobile digital development services. By putting technique ahead of deliverables, we guarantee quick solution evolution infused with accuracy and excellence. They are the top choice for developing enterprise Flutter mobile apps, for the following reasons:

  • Customized and Innovative Approach to Development: By utilizing our creative strategy, we outperform rivals. They integrate unique components into your application to make sure that, in the context of mobile digital, your brand is perceived by customers as genuine.
  • Experience in Various Industries:The HMD team has vast experience in various sectors and technologies, in addition to having deep experience with Flutter. HMD handles the technical aspects of your app with ease while focusing on its business aspects.
  • Maintenance and Support:HMD is not just about releasing apps. You may count on us to provide regular upkeep and assistance. Together with our prompt support, our faultless Flutter development services guarantee simple app maintenance and continuous app functionality.

3. Jafton


Jafton is a well-known Flutter app development firm that is well-known for its skill at developing innovative digital solutions. Jafton is a devoted group of Flutter developers who regularly produce applications combining cutting-edge technology with eye-catching designs.

Jafton stands out for its unwavering dedication to comprehending customer goals and converting them into clear, user-friendly experiences. Their wide range of projects demonstrates their proficiency in e-commerce, healthcare, and other fields.

Jafton prioritizes user engagement through fluid interfaces and seamless interactions, going beyond simple utility. The applications they develop, which each bear witness to their skill and commitment, are a clear indication of their success story. Jafton is a great option for firms looking for Flutter app development companies because it embodies the vision to turn concepts into digital reality.

4. Nomtek


Nomtek, a mobile app, and AR/VR development studio, is another top contender among Flutter development businesses. They prioritize cutting-edge technologies and slick design when creating apps. Their prices are not inexpensive; the beginning cost of a project is more than $75,000. Siemens, Qualcomm, and Jägermeister are among Nomtek’s partners, indicating their credibility as a Flutter developer.


  • Complete software development
  • Creation of mobile apps as the main focus
  • Focus on investigating novel technologies and incorporating them into projects
  • Common sense approach
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Early validation



Digital concepts are turned into profitable realities by Wezom, one of the most well-known Flutter app development service providers in the United States. Wezom creates custom software solutions for a range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations, to promote expansion and advancement in international markets. Wezom has refined its skills with a laser-like focus on Supply Chain, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Logistics, and E-commerce.

Wezom stands out for its seamless workflow, deep comprehension, superior aesthetics, flexible planning, and reliable staff that care about your success.

6. Turing


A reputable Flutter app development firm that provides comprehensive Flutter app development services that are customized to your particular goals. Its Flutter apps spur innovation, facilitate smooth company expansion, and give businesses the ability to meet changing customer demands.

To increase ROIs, they have assisted leading IT companies in implementing data-driven, intelligent apps. You may now use our services for developing Flutter apps for the same purpose.

Key Competencies

  • Custom Development of Flutter Apps
  • Design of Flutter applications
  • Migration of Flutter apps
  • Testing Apps
  • Maintenance and support

7. itCraft


itCraft is a well-known IT company with expertise in providing services for developing Flutter apps. The company became more well-known in the industry by giving consumers outstanding solutions. Since its founding in 2010, this business has completed several projects across a range of industrial sectors, including eCommerce, retail, healthcare, finance, and payment.

Services That ItCraft Provides: Internet of things, machine learning, IT systems, Flutter app development, mobile app development (Android, iOS), and more.

What makes itCraft?

  • Fixed Price Projects
  • Provide SLA
  • Prioritising Client Happiness

8. ThinkUp


Finding a reputable and trustworthy Flutter app development company to create a high-performance, scalable application that can live up to expectations is one of the major problems facing businesses today.

That’s where ThinkUp takes a place. ThinkUp has a track record of effectively creating Flutter apps for a range of businesses. See some of their amazing work in their portfolio, and see how we can assist you in developing top-notch mobile app development services.

9. Stfalcon


Stfalcon is a software development business specializing in e-commerce, travel, logistics, and healthcare solutions. Their main web solutions are built on top of the Symfony framework, and their mobile teams can handle cross-platform and native iOS and Android application development.

Why Stfalcon for Flutter App Development?

  • Experienced Flutter developers: We have a large pool of skilled Flutter developers for hire with 14 years of IT industry expertise. They work on a variety of projects and consistently deliver high-quality solutions.
  • The development process is quick and transparent: We guarantee a hassle-free and fast completion of your Flutter project by integrating the knowledgeable CTO and owner in the development process.
  • The tailored strategy in more than 324 successfully finished projects: In addition to resolving technical issues, our Flutter team evaluates and integrates with the customer’s product.
Want to hire dedicated flutter app developers

What are the Emerging Trends in Flutter App Development?

Flutter revolutionized the app development business since its initial release.

With every new release, the platform gains strength and adaptability, enabling developers to create faster, more engaging apps. Flutter is positioned to overtake other cross-platform frameworks and hire Flutter app developers in the future.

Let’s examine what makes Flutter a novel approach to development.

Excellent for MVPs

MVPs are preferred by all companies and organizations to test their ideas with the least amount of risk. MVPs are typically developed using the least amount of time, money, and effort possible. Developers can quickly evaluate their business concepts by creating native apps with minimum functionality using Flutter.

Single Codebase

There were several codes for the same application to operate on different platforms, such as iOS and Android. Simple code that runs on all platforms makes up the single codebase that comprises Flutter. For example, Flutter writes an application’s code once and makes it operate on all platforms.

Until Flutter brought this well-liked functionality, writing different codes for a single application created difficulties for many developers. Writing code in a single code base is relatively easy.

An essential part of the application’s design is Flutter widgets. Widgets are the components that are observable on the screen. Widgets require codes to function. A widget tree in Flutter represents the UI creation process.

Quick Reload

The main objective of hot reloading is to maintain the output state even if runtime code changes. When the code is modified while the app is executing, no important state is lost thanks to the hot reload functionality, which raises the bar for Flutter app development. Put another way, Flutter allows changes to be made to the code while it is running.

Advanced API

An app should have a better user interface and be simpler to use. Flutter’s advanced APIs allow for faster, more seamless animations. Flutter provides the HTTP package required to use HTTP resources.

Personal Rendering Engine

Rendering every app is necessary to increase efficiency and reduce design expenses. A rendering engine is not necessary when using Flutter to render apps. Because of its distinct rendering engine, Skia, Flutter app development is now following certain trends.

Many other apps built with Flutter frameworks lack this feature. Therefore, a few extra lines of code must be written for the render to occur. Flutter removes the excess parts.

Most Advance Widgets

The development process can be made or broken by the UI and UX of the majority of Advance Widgets apps. With Flutter, developers can create sophisticated user interfaces.

A vast selection of elegant widgets that are arranged into categories is provided by Flutter. Developers in a range of industries, including social networking, e-commerce, and healthcare, can use it. To offer programs a distinct look and feel, you may also create original widgets.

Cost and Budget Considerations

The price range for developing a Flutter app is typically between $15000-$85000 USD.

Let’s talk about how sizes vary for different applications-from microscopic to enormous-and how much they can cost to construct.

The creation of a small application typically takes two months. This also applies to MVPs that you wish to create after the initial release. Even if such an application simply has the most basic features and functionality, it will still be adequate to test your idea on the market and determine the next course of action.

Three to four months are needed to build a medium-sized app. It is impossible to reduce a project’s hours and expenses by hiring more developers to expedite the development process.

The time it takes to construct a comprehensive application might vary from four to six months, depending on the amount and complexity of features. The degree of planning and decision-making speed also affects how long it takes to develop an application.

Factors Affecting the Price of Developing Flutter Apps

It’s important to know the costs involved while building a mobile application with Flutter. Several variables, each of which has the potential to directly affect the project’s budget and schedule, can greatly affect the price of developing a Flutter app.

Numerous variables, like the project’s scope, the app’s complexity level, the total amount of features that must be included, and the hourly rates of developers, might affect the ultimate cost.

How to Lower the Cost of Developing a Flutter App

If not managed properly, Flutter app development costs might quickly rise and surpass your budget. So how can you keep inside your budget and still have a great Flutter app? Here are a few tactics to get you going.

Outsourcing Your Work

By using this strategy, you can access a worldwide talent pool and frequently get services at prices lower than those of recruiting local or internal personnel. It also lessens the need for equipment and office space, as well as the overhead associated with employee benefits and bonuses.

Develop your MVP

A version of your program with only enough features to please beta testers and gather input for further development is called an MVP, or minimum viable product. Focusing on essential features will help you launch your app more quickly and save money.

Establish Precise Project Specifications

From the outset, it’s important to clearly define the requirements and scope of your project to prevent scope creep, decrease the need for changes, and avoid misunderstandings-all of which can drive up development costs. You can help the development team comprehend your vision, establish exact deadlines, and deliver a more realistic cost estimate by giving them a clear brief.

Minimize the Features of Your App

Even if having a lot of features could appear desirable, the development process becomes more complex and expensive with each new feature. To save expenses, concentrate on adding essential features that directly support the main goal of the app and the user experience.

Agile Approach

The agile technique helps to prevent waste, lower risks, and produce a product that satisfies user expectations by setting priorities for activities, regularly reevaluating, and modifying project goals. By limiting the team’s time and resources to features that truly provide value, this strategy can ultimately lower the cost of developing your software.

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The success of your project might be greatly impacted by your choice of Flutter developers.

You can guarantee a seamless development process by taking into account elements like experience, knowledge, and teamwork abilities. This comprehensive tutorial to Flutter app development has given me a thorough understanding of the framework’s features, benefits, and best practices.

The readers have acquired essential knowledge to confidently begin their Flutter app development journey, from grasping the foundations of the framework to delving into sophisticated development methods.

Through the use of Flutter’s extensive widget library and cross-platform functionality, developers can produce top-notch, streamlined applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Adopting this flexible framework provides countless opportunities for developing creative and powerful applications as Flutter develops and gains popularity in the developer community.

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