Most of the BlazorPlus UI are customizable

Customize the Alert/Confirm/Prompt :

use css class .blazordialog to change the style of dialog background layer

Toast :
1 - use css class .blazorplus_toast to change the style of Toast
2 - override JavaScript functions Toast() and ToastClear() to implement custom UI

Waiting Mask :
1 - use css calss .bp_waiting_mask to change the style of Waiting Mask
2 - override JavaScript function GetWaitingMaskHTML() to implement the content (Recommended)
3 - override JavaScript function AddWaitingMask() and SubdWaitingMask() to implement custom UI

Waiting Skeleton :
1 - override JavaScript function GetWaitingSkeletonHTML() to implement the content (Recommended)
2 - override JavaScript function ShowWaitingSkeleton(p) and HideWaitingSkeleton(p) to implement custom UI

The BlazorPlus.dll is ready for using.
But the contents of this website are being prepaired actively.

Post issues if you have any questions https://github.com/BlazorPlus/BlazorPlus/issues

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